May 23, 2017

Evora 400 Long Term Test – Video Review

Our time with the Lotus Evora 400 was more limited that we're used to with the long-termer's but that's not to say we had enough time to discover more about the car, and how it was to get under it's skin... … [Read more...]

TLF Long Term Test: Evora 400

Following on from our previous Long Term Test Evora's, TLF have been asked to spend some time with the Evora 400. Let's not pull any punches, a 70% new car with improvements across the board the 400 is a large-scale evolution of the previous Evora, a car that itself took home a good number of 'Car of the Year' awards when it was launched back in 2009. First impressions are that it's clearly the best car we've ever driven dynamically in every respect. On our first test of the car after 30 minutes on the test track at Hethel we'd shaved 15 seconds off per lap, a clue as … [Read more...]

Lotus Evora S IPS Sports Racer: It’s easy to forget…

No, it's not easy to forget the car, but on a recent long drive it struck me how easy it is to forget many of the aspects of this car which make it what it is. It's easy to forget that you're driving a car which won 5 'Car of the Year' awards when it was launched in 2009. It's easy to forget while cruising along the motorway (with cruise control on) you're driving a car which will accelerate from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and decelerate from 60-0 even quicker than that, in fact twice as quick! It's also easy to forget putting your foot down at 50mph in 3rd gear will see you … [Read more...]

Driven: Evora S IPS Sports Racer

The Sports Racer is the evolution of the Evora offering a fully specced car with all options ticked at a 'package price'. Our test car is presented in Daytona Blue which is a real eye catcher and indeed attention grabbing colour with black detailing on the roof and under door sills, front splitter and rear diffuser to mark it out from the normal Evora. It is also fitted with gloss black 19" and 20" wheels with red calipers which finish off the car nicely and black 'Lotus' and 'Evora S' badges on its rear end. Sports Racer's come in this colour and also 6 other colours … [Read more...]

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Sport & Paddles

I've driven this particular Evora for the best part of 3 months now and it's certainly got me hooked. Perhaps it's the summer weather (those 3 or 4 sunny days we've had this year!), perhaps it's the fact I'm near the end of the year long loan of Evora's from Lotus or perhaps it's that when in Sport mode and using the paddles this car is hilariously quick and great fun to drive! Whichever it is, I'm finding that 'just popping out for a quick drive' is a common utterance, a destination is not required and just-for-fun driving is the essence of what this car can … [Read more...]

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – MY12 Evora S IPS

Moving on from the Evora IPS to the MY12 S IPS was a good opportunity to remind myself of the many changes promised to the car last year. It was also nice to get back on summer tyres from the Yoko W-Drive's which were starting to suffer from the warmer weather so the P-Zero Corsa's were welcomed with open arms! With all the upgrades focussed on the driver and making the car a more attractive ownership prospect you can't fail to enjoy the experiences the MY12 has to offer. In the cabin, the new steering wheels is a pleasure to hold and looks very racy, much in line … [Read more...]

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – It wasn’t meant to be this good

I may have already mentioned my dislike for automatic transmissions in a previous update and I'll maintain that dislike but with a 2 IPS based caveats, namely the steering wheel mounted paddles and 'Sport' mode! Paddles are fun, they're engaging and almost as enjoyable flipping up through the gears as dropping a clutch and feeling the power delivery in a manual car. It's nice, it makes me feel like an F1 driver! Keeping 2 hands on the wheel makes a lovely change through demanding corners and left foot braking becomes a much easier and rewarding proposition too. This … [Read more...]

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Winter Tyres

I think people thought me mad. Seeing a mid-engined sports car out in thick snow, especially a rear wheel drive one earned me more looks and interest than if I'd been driving along with the car in flames. Usually this would be well deserved, my Esprit with open differential would spin up a wheel at the first chance leaving me stuck on even the flat in the cold. The Evora has the advantage of traction control, an electronic diff and most importantly the Evora IPS Long Term Review car is fitted with the original equipment Yokohama W-Drive tyres in 215/40 ZR18 on the … [Read more...]

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Intelligent Precision Shift

After 3 months of supercharged goodness the next quarter year will be spent in an automatic Evora. Yes, an automatic. I know, I thought the same too as I've never been much of a fan of automatic gearboxes and the Evora IPS uses a torque converter, often referred to as a slush box as the clutch is replaced by a hydrodynamic fluid coupling attached to a planetary gearbox. If you want to know how a torque converter works, check out this website. The alternative, as is seen on the upcoming Elise SPS is a automated manual gearbox, these are now available in single and … [Read more...]

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Supercharger

Having taken delivery of the Evora S it was only a few short days until the first few thousand miles were racked up with a couple of decent trips undertaken, one to Frankfurt and another to Devon. Unfortunately on the 3rd trip in the car, ironically heading to it's home in Hethel we came a cropper as we explained in the last update! Now we're in another Evora S which is a slightly different spec to the Burnt Orange Evora S. Configuration Evora S 2+2 £60,300 Wheels Diamond Cut Design £2,300 Exterior Equipment Bi-Xenon … [Read more...]

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