May 28, 2017

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Sport & Paddles

I've driven this particular Evora for the best part of 3 months now and it's certainly got me hooked. Perhaps it's the summer weather (those 3 or 4 sunny days we've had this year!), perhaps it's the fact I'm near the end of the year long loan of Evora's from Lotus or perhaps it's that when in Sport mode and using the paddles this car is hilariously quick and great fun to drive! Whichever it is, I'm finding that 'just popping out for a quick drive' is a common utterance, a destination is not required and just-for-fun driving is the essence of what this car can … [Read more...]

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – MY12 Evora S IPS

Moving on from the Evora IPS to the MY12 S IPS was a good opportunity to remind myself of the many changes promised to the car last year. It was also nice to get back on summer tyres from the Yoko W-Drive's which were starting to suffer from the warmer weather so the P-Zero Corsa's were welcomed with open arms! With all the upgrades focussed on the driver and making the car a more attractive ownership prospect you can't fail to enjoy the experiences the MY12 has to offer. In the cabin, the new steering wheels is a pleasure to hold and looks very racy, much in line … [Read more...]

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