February 20, 2017

Picture of The Month – August 2016

This image really caught my eye on Facebook a few weeks ago and thanks to New Jersey photographer Mike Hyatt, we're able to share it with you for August's PoTM. Mike has really managed to capture some serious attitude from the Elise with a backdrop that looks so exotic to us in Europe, yet somehow the little Norfolk rocket looks right at home in NYC. In fact, it looks positively 'badass'! Just the thing to go around frightening two ton muscle cars in. It's not an easy image for anyone in Europe to replicate so I think it will remain the best shot of an Elise in the Big … [Read more...]

[VIDEO] The Road to Lotus…

UK Lotus customers are often given the opportunity via their dealer to visit the Lotus Factory in Potash Lane, Hethel. It's a real treat to visit the home of Lotus for the past 50 years and have a tour of the facilities and see the famous test track where all Lotus cars get their post-production shakedown and where our cars are developed to make sure they do exactly what a Lotus car is meant to do when on track. If you aren't buying a new car, there's always the option of a factory tour which we very much recommend you combine with a trip to the workshops of Classic … [Read more...]

Drive at Spa and be in to win tickets to the Belgian Grand Prix!

RSRSpa has now partnered with SPA Grand Prix to offer one lucky participant, at our August 3rd Premium RSRSpa Trackday, the chance to win a Gold ticket for two people to watch the Belgian Formula 1 race later that month! Drive your own car or hire one from RSRSpa and experience the track in a relaxed, friendly environment, in an open pitlane format with free overtaking rules and sportsman-like attitude and behaviour from all participants. Get to grips with Eau Rouge, Blanchimont and La Source - find out first hand what the F1 greats experience. Book and pay for a … [Read more...]

Picture of The Month – July 2016

I'm happy to see lots of love for the Evora on at TLF currently, so here's a picture that will do nothing to dampen anyone's enthusiasm. Generously shared with us by the car's owner Ty Mackey from Texas, it's a reminder of just how fundamentally handsome Russell Carr's work remains. In fact, I think the Evora's aging exceptionally well, the car still looking fresh, contemporary and very distinctive seven years on. It must be a very rare sight on US roads which I hope is something that will begin to change when the Lotus Evora 400 goes on sale there this year. Ty … [Read more...]

Picture of The Month – June 2016

This dynamic rig shot captures a suitably 'weapons-grade' look for the ultimate factory Elise - the Cup 250. It's reassuring to know that, 20 years later, the Elise is still going strong, using the same basic, brilliant recipe and in Cup 250 form, is faster than ever. It would have been hard to imagine back in 1996 that Lotus would one day fit an aero pack like this along with 250ps but here it is, looking terrific in white with the full carbon aero parts. Many thanks to TLF stalwart Malcolm Feth for his efforts and kind permission. You check out his website here, … [Read more...]

The Brooklands Double Twelve Motorsport Festival

Entries are now open for the 2016 Brooklands Double Twelve Motorsport Festival, organized by Brooklands Museum and the Vintage Sports-Car Club. The well-established format of three separate competitive events (sprint, driving tests and concours d’élégance) held over two days, with aggregate scores from any two going towards overall Double Twelve awards, continues. But the status of the concours is raised this year with its own full awards and the inclusion of a special “Anything Silver” class in recognition of the 25th anniversary of the official opening of the Museum … [Read more...]

Picture of The Month – May 2016

We're well into racing season by now, so another picture of a Lotus in action on track seemed appropriate. In this case, 'off track' might be more accurate but this Elan captured by Mark Lacey is one of the many that are still raced ferociously most weekends this time of year. Note the red leather steering wheel which is a nice touch and must be worth at least half a second on its own! No doubt this Elan was barged off the track by some great, lumbering, hugely more powerful Jaguar that was ignoring all the blue flags being waved at it! Keeping a determined Elan driver … [Read more...]

Maidstone Sports Cars now official Lotus Heritage Repairer

Maidstone Sports Cars have been officially appointed Kent's only Lotus Heritage Repairer. After news broke that the Lipscomb Group would not be renewing their Lotus Dealership, MSC have been chosen to maintain an official Lotus Heritage Repairer in Kent. The transfer has already begun, ensuring there is no disruption to the Lotus Owner. Our technicians have received the latest Lotus training from the Hethel factory, bringing us up to date on the current Elise, Exige & Evora Range. What does this mean for Lotus Owners? MSC now have access to the latest … [Read more...]

Classic wins for Team Lotus at Monaco Historic

The event attracts entrants from all over the World, wanting the chance to race their classic F1 cars at the most famous circuit in the World, two weeks before the modern Grand Prix. Lap times are comparable to the speeds set by the heroes of yesteryear. Being Monaco, just the race entry fee is €5,000; even so, applications are heavily oversubscribed. Hethel based Classic Team Lotus prepared nine cars to race in three different categories. The legendary Bob Dance – Team Lotus Chief Mechanic from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s prepared the 1963 World Championship winning … [Read more...]

[PICS][VIDEO] Sun shines on TLF International Lotus Day

With a record attendance of around 300 Lotus cars the sun really did shine for us at TLF International Lotus Day. With the event now in its third year, guests to this free event were greeted with a phenomenal display of Lotus cars ranging from 3 Lotus VI's to the very latest Evora 400's and Exige Sport 350's and nearly every model in between! On the day the car display was the main attraction but there was also the chance to enter our Concours D'Elegance judged by ex-Lotus CEO Mike Kimberley and Guy Munday or wander around the £70m Mercedes-Benz World. Across the … [Read more...]

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