LEFty arrived with USAndretti42 in Albuquerque for his last stop in the USA for a while.

Albuquerque is a hot-air ballooning centre so first stop was at the Balloon Museum.

Next was to the museum of nuclear science & history. Hopeing to pick up some revolutionary new go faster juice. Or at least look at missiles and planes:

LEfty has heard of the famous Hooters chain in America but didn’t get quite what he was expecting:

Next was a trip to the top of one of the Sandia mountains which lie at the east side of the city taking passengers from the 5,200 feet level to over 10,000 feet:

OK, maybe not all the way to the top. Those kind of heights do funny things to his coolant:

LEFty had heard there was a flower named after him but didn’t realised there was a restaurant named after the flower named after him:

Off to the Unser museum for a look at some distant cousins, first a car almost as light as LEFty:

Then one almost as wedged as him:

Next to a taste of old town New Mexico:

LEFty noticed Alberquerque had a love of artwork and statures decorating the streets:

Finally time to hit the road again, although with that funny feeling he’d been there before?

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