TLF member Matt Watts is no stranger to Lotus cars. He’s completed an amazing restoration of his S1 Esprit from barn find to show stopper as pictured below in less than 12 months and also owns a Europa and Elan +2. You can view the restoration of his Esprit on our forums here.


One constant with Matt is that whenever he’s out and about at a show or event, his 11 year old son Jake will be with him (and often his Dad comes too, it’s a family love affair with the cars!). Jake is a real Lotus nut, his enthusiasm and excitement is always a real pleasure to be around and he can’t get enough of the cars. This enthusiasm carries on at home as he helps with father out working on the ‘fleet’ at weekends! What we didn’t know, or did Jake was that Christmas 2012 was going to be a REAL surprise for him…


What looks like a strange present of documentation turns out to be the V5 and service history of something special sat on the driveway waiting for him! Watch the video to see Jake’s reaction when he spots something big, yellow and fibreglass with his name on it!


You can join in the discussions with Matt and our other members on the forums here.

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