Attending this year’s Silverstone Classic was a must for any fan of Lotus’ past and present. There were stunning Lotus’ from all eras either on track or on display. Particular highlights included seeing a Lotus 15 winning the Stirling Moss Trophy for pre-’61 Sports Cars and Jim Clark’s Lotus 49.

Further on track action included more Lotus Cortinas than I have ever seen in one place, each one racing hard and several even trading paint. We were also treated to four JPS liveried cars in the FIA Masters Historic F1 race in the form of the 76, 79, 80 and 92. The noise they made was something to savour. Lower formula weren’t left out either with plenty of Junior category Lotus’ taking to the track.

Fans of more modern Lotus’ only needed to head to the infield to the club section to see a whole range of more modern machinery with a few classics thrown in for good measure. Lotus Silverstone had the new Exige S Roadster on display alongside it’s coupe brother. They also brought along a couple of Evoras and one of the last 2-Elevens to come out of Hethel.

The showing at Silverstone is a testament to Lotus’ racing heritage and is well worth attending in the future.

Author: David Tillyer. You can read more of David’s work on his website and follow him on twitter.


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