Kylie Smith finally gets her turn of accommodating LEFty after suggesting the idea and she makes sure he arrives in style:

Clearance was a bit tight at the end so a ramp was found to help him down:

Safe and sound with a V8 for company:

Hang on a minute, is there’s something your not telling us about the unloading Kylie:

After all the trauma, time to unwind and acclimatise:

Next day it’s off to down town Auckland along the water front to show LEFty the sights. Here’s LEFty taking in the Americas Cup boat sheds in the viaduct where all the action and drama is:

In front of the Auckland Sky Tower:

Looking out to 1000 year old Rangitoto Island:

Some more time spent with another big brother before LEFty sets off on his travels again:

LEFty unimpressed with the position of those dials:

But the final goodbye cuddle from Kylie seems to make everything right with the world:

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