LEFty arrived with ‘Yeller 77’ in Edmund Oklohoma and soon got acquainted with some of his colonial cousins:

He then checked in on Yeller’s restoration project and chided him on the slow progress:

It was then on to a local BBQ fare with man-size beef ribs, fries and sauce. With apologies to vegans everywhere, you have to be a carnivore to enter the state of Oklahoma.

LEFty paid a visit to the Rock Cafe along Route 66 in Oklahoma, built in the 30’s from rock unearthed during the paving of the Mother Road. Not missing the chance to have his picture taken with a beautiful lady he met Dawn Welch who is the owner of the cafe and the inspiration for the Sally character in the Cars movie after the Pixar movie’s creators toured Route 66 for ideas. She saw the world working for the cruise line and came down to earth to own a Route 66 landmark. Try the Jaegerschnitzel, it’s a treat!

Rumours have it LEFty has this same Sally poster on his bedroom wall!

LEFty then found a neo-icon on the Route 66 trail, a joint called Pops dedicated to the world of the soda pop. Combination diner, gas station, convenience store, it also sells from a cache of thousands of different sodas from around the nation and the world.

LEFty was luck enough to be in the USA for Independance day, being carried by Yeller77’s son & Boy Scout, Riley, in a Fourth of July parade along with the flag of the good ol’ US of A flag.

The day wound down observing a bit of the “rockets’ red glare” in final celebration.

LEFty finally paid a visit to Yeller77’s business, eurosportok to have a look at some other imported cars from Europe getting the spanner treatent.

As ever saying good-bye is difficult but LEFty is all packed up and saying farewell to young LEFers in the making Riley and Ellie

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