At this point in LEFty’s travels things went a little wrong. LEFty was sent to GKP for a skiing holiday to Canada, unfortunately LEFty was delayed in transit and missed the skiing trip so had to be posted off to his next stop in Alabama. After some time and no appearance in Alabama, GKP claims there was an issue somewhere over the Atlantic with the cargo doors on the aircraft failing. 32,000ft straight down and….plop into an iceberg goes LEFty:

After a few weeks of drifting at sea he eventually washed up on a beach somewhere on the South Coast of England. As the tide went out, the first glimpse of him was caught after his watery adventures, but he seemed to be having a bit of trouble with the nautical wildlife:

Furiously scrabbling for grip, he made his bid for freedom with sand and shingle flying everywhere:

LEFty’s escape was even captured on video:

Safely retreived he was bundled in to a much bigger distant cousin and gave him a lift home:

Looking a little worse for wear and in need of a respray LEFty was safely bundled up ready to fly to Alabama (again alledgedly):

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