April 30, 2017

Picture of The Month – November 2016

What could be more appropriate for the 3rd of November than this 311 blasting out of Spa's iconic Eau Rouge corner? This particular example in sinister matt black with gloss black stripes is owned by a Belgian enthusiast who currently owns two 211's in addition to this, the very first customer 311 to roll off the production line. It is with his kind permission that we are able to share this image with you, taken by Curbstone's photographer at one of their recent track events. Not content with the factory output of 410bhp, the car has already been treated to a power … [Read more...]

Driven: Lotus 3-Eleven

You know you're in for a nerve-wracking day when you're due to drive a sub-900kg, sub-3 second to 60mph car on a race track and it's raining, a lot! TLF were invited down to Goodwood Motor Circuit by Bell & Colvill who have just taken delivery of the very first Lotus 3-Eleven to experience the quickest Lotus ever built on a full-on race track. Nerves were set aside as when our time came the sun began to shine and the track mostly dried so we could really get a feel for what this car can do without the added excitement of a slippery surface. If you don't know … [Read more...]

Picture of The Month – June 2015

We had something a bit special lined-up for this month but that was before Lotus launched the 3-Eleven and knocked our plans into next month. It's very much the Lotus of the month, the year and possibly even the decade and now it's all yours to download courtesy of Lotus Cars and their in-house photographer Jason Parnell. Many thanks for their permission to use this shot. For now, we can only imagine what this weapons-grade track car must be like to drive around a circuit but if the 2-Eleven is anything to go by, it will be extraordinary. In less than 12 months from … [Read more...]

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