May 23, 2017

Picture of The Month – December 2016

We figured you couldn't get a lot more seasonal than a snow and ice dusted, bright red Elise. So here's your PoTM for December, a dynamic rig shot and very dramatic angle, courtesy of New Jersey photographer Mike Hyatt. Mike's work has already featured for the month of August this year and despite some strong competition, this shot was always going to be hard to beat for December. Hopefully it will be enough to tempt one or two Elise owners to crank their heaters up and get out there to take a few shots of their own. Treat your desktop, smartphone or tablet this … [Read more...]

Picture of The Month – October 2016

October's winner is hot off the press from James at Oversteer Photography. Posted only this week on Facebook, it shunted the image I had lined-up smartly into next month. Many thanks to James for his kind permission and for being so helpful at very short notice. Of this captivating shot, he had this to say: "I was asked by a friend to shoot his father-in-law's prized possessions: His incredible Lotuses. This is one of the most difficult shoots I've had to edit, two light painted cars in one shot isn't easy... I've always been a huge Lotus Cars fan, the Esprit … [Read more...]

Picture of The Month – August 2016

This image really caught my eye on Facebook a few weeks ago and thanks to New Jersey photographer Mike Hyatt, we're able to share it with you for August's PoTM. Mike has really managed to capture some serious attitude from the Elise with a backdrop that looks so exotic to us in Europe, yet somehow the little Norfolk rocket looks right at home in NYC. In fact, it looks positively 'badass'! Just the thing to go around frightening two ton muscle cars in. It's not an easy image for anyone in Europe to replicate so I think it will remain the best shot of an Elise in the Big … [Read more...]

Picture of The Month – June 2016

This dynamic rig shot captures a suitably 'weapons-grade' look for the ultimate factory Elise - the Cup 250. It's reassuring to know that, 20 years later, the Elise is still going strong, using the same basic, brilliant recipe and in Cup 250 form, is faster than ever. It would have been hard to imagine back in 1996 that Lotus would one day fit an aero pack like this along with 250ps but here it is, looking terrific in white with the full carbon aero parts. Many thanks to TLF stalwart Malcolm Feth for his efforts and kind permission. You check out his website here, … [Read more...]

Product Review: Mintex 1144 Brake Pads

The Elise S1 is a light car, but also a quick one so choice of pads is very important. When I bought my 2000 Elise S1 2 years ago it was fitted with EBC Green Stuff pads which, to be frank, had as much pedal feel as hardwood and led to a couple of 'whoa!' moments as the car would not brake well when required and did in fact feel dangerous. After some online research, I chose the Mintex 1144 pads sourced from Finishline UK at a very respectable £100 + P&P* for a complete front and rear set. Fitting on the Elise couldn't be easier, in fact the only tools required … [Read more...]

Picture of The Month – September 2015

While the S1 Elise will always be remembered for its flyweight construction, electric response and spartan interior, it sometimes takes a great image to remind us all how brilliant the styling remains, nearly 20 years later. This image, captured by TLF member and PoTM regular Malcolm Feth also looks like one for the ages, capturing every deft curve, sweep and strake of Julian Thompson's masterpiece in exquisite detail. The result, according to Malcolm, of a 'casual light painting session' which continued long into the night, it's a real treat to be able to look at … [Read more...]

[PICS] Lotus at the 2013 London MotorExpo

Lotus are present at this year's London MotorExpo held annually at Canary Wharf. The show is on right now until Sunday the 16th June from 10am to 6pm daily (Sunday 11am to 5pm) and you'll be able to get up close and personal with the current range of Lotus road cars. On display are the Elise S, Exige S and Evora Sports Racer. The Elise is in Chrome Orange fitted with Tech and Sports Packs plus air conditioning, the Exige S has Sports, Premium and Race Packs fitted and is finished in the popular Aspen White and the Evora Sports Racer comes with all Packs as standard … [Read more...]

3 Lotus’s To Race In Dubai24

The world's most famous Elise S1 Sport160, an Evora GT4 and 2Eleven GT4 are entries in this years Dubai24 endurance race at the Dubai Autodrome, the red lights starting the race on Friday the 14th January at 1pm local time. Lotus on Track Racing Driver Club are entering the Elise which has appeared in many events including their own race series, the Elise Trophy, it's been driven by Jake Humphey of the BBC, Martin Donnelly, ex Lotus F1 driver and Andy Green OBE, the world's fastest man who holds the current land speed record! Drivers for this event are: Ken Savage, … [Read more...]

Lotus “New Era” – LA Photoshoot

Whilst Lotus were in LA for the Auto Show they couldn’t resist the opportunity to shoot the new Lotus line up out and about in Hollywood – the cars came alive, check out the results. [album id=4 template=extend] … [Read more...]

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