April 30, 2017

Lotus Esprit: First and Last

John Simister drives the very first and very last examples of Britain’s supercar, and charts its progress from darty motor show escapee to fully fledged V8 firebreather. Twenty-eight years, four cylinders, 193bhp and nearly half a ton separate these two Lotus Esprits. A lot of financial trauma, political manoeuvring and high-drama brinkmanship, too, as has always been the Lotus way. Maybe all those resin vapours bend reality more than the smell of hot steel normally manages to do. Composites and conflict: they often seem to go together. What we have here, though, … [Read more...]

James Bond Esprit collection for sale

US based property developer and car collector, Michael Dezer is dismantling his collection of classic motor vehicles, including 60 that have featured in James Bond films over the years. The cars are or have been on display in his museum in Miami. Whilst the whole collection will set you back an estimated £20 million, some of the cars may be of specific interest to Lotus collectors, including: Lotus Esprit S1 The Spy Who Loved Me Lotus Esprit Turbo in white For Your Eyes Only Lotus Esprit Turbo in bronze, with skis For Your Eyes Only Lotus Esprit submarine model … [Read more...]

For Sale: The ultimate collectors Lotus Esprit

Over 28 years of the Esprit's production lifetime, there were 10,675 made. Here's the chance to own the 10,675th Esprit, the very last Esprit that Lotus built. With a unique history and special treatment Hethel the car left the line on the 20th February 2004, not before being signed by the entire production team, many of whom had spent their entire careers at Lotus putting these iconic supercars together. Having been shipped to Orlando, Fl where it's spent most of its life the car is now located in the EU and available for sale. With only 1,800 miles on the … [Read more...]

Bond’s Esprit submarine sells at auction for £550,000

The submarine Lotus Esprit driven (sailed?) by James Bond in 1977's 'The Spy Who Loved Me' sold at RM Auctions in Battersea last night for £550,000 ($864,000, €651,000). While not meeting the expected £675,000-£950,000 guide price it's still an excellent price for the Esprit which often tops polls as the most iconic movie car of all time. The car recently resurfaced (!) in the USA when a speculative blind purchase of a delinquent storage unit revealed it's treasure. Nice buy! The Esprit is the one and only fully functioning car especially designed and built for the … [Read more...]

Esprit featured on ‘British Auto Legends’ stamps

Royal Mail have immortalised the Lotus Esprit further with the inclusion of the 1976 S1 Esprit on the 'British Auto Legends Thoroughbreds' stamp set released today. From the gorgeous curves of the legendary E-Type Jaguar to the imposing presence of the Silver Shadow, every detail of these immaculate thoroughbred cars has been captured by the photographic expertise of James Mann. Including no less than two Bond cars — in the Aston Martin DB5 and Lotus Esprit — these Mint Stamps are also brought to you in concours condition. Lotus Esprit — 1976 With the Esprit, … [Read more...]

James Bond’s submarine Esprit under the hammer!

LONDON (at a top secret location) 28 June, 2013 – “Pay attention, 007, RM Auctions is about to sell one of my most ingenious creations and we wouldn’t want it to fall into enemy hands”. Well, ‘Q’ might be a little concerned that his incredible Lotus Esprit Series 1 ‘Submarine’ Car is due to be sold at auction, but for millions of movie fans out there, the appearance of this iconic Bond car on the open market represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. No Bond car has ever done anything as outrageous as transform itself into a submarine. Used to incredible effect in … [Read more...]

Chromed… The World’s shiniest Lotus Esprit

Some people just aren't happy when their car is cleaned, polished and waxed to what we'd call a mirror shine, they take it to the next level. Esprit owner Jamie Garroch (JamieG) of Reading, Berks, UK was one such mirror perfectionist and has had his car wrapped in chrome vinyl. In steps TLF photographer extraordinaire Malcolm Feth of www.nineteen80one.com for a photoshoot and all we can say is "Wow". Jamie: OK,  it's more than a cliché but like many Esprit owners, I grew up in the 70's and 80's and was influenced by the Bond films.  I'd always wanted the Esprit … [Read more...]

Top Gear Special – “50 Years of Bond Cars”

How could such a show be complete without the iconic Lotus Esprit S1 from the 1977 film, "The Spy Who Loved Me"? Filmed, among other places on location in Monaco and at the "007" sound stage at Pinewood Studios in Hertfordshire, Top Gear's Richard Hammond meets key people in Bond's history including Sir Roger Moore and reunites him with some of his iconic cars from the films. TLF were tasked with sourcing an S1 Esprit in Monaco White with the famous "Hunting Menzies" tartan interior and orange carpets of the 70's film and member Cos Herodotou's recently restored … [Read more...]

[BLOG] 8 years with a Lotus Esprit V8…

Rob, long term TLF member and Welshman who lives and works in Zurich recounts 8 years of Esprit V8 ownership. After nearly 8 years of Esprit V8 ownership, the time has finally come to move on… and I have to say I'm sad, really sad. It seems that Esprit ownership is different for everybody. Some live a nightmare, while other live their dream. There are many lemons out there, but there are also many outstanding cars… and mine was, and still is, simply outstanding. So before my Esprit and I part company, I wanted to provide the community (and potential future … [Read more...]

Picture of the Month – June 2012

This months picture was taken by Derrick Chung Sang of Miami, Florida and was stumbled upon by accident while flicking through flickr! Being an HDR image with a nice narrow depth of field it really pops out of the page, sorry, screen and we hope you enjoy it as your desktop wallpaper for the next month! The car is a 2002 Esprit V8-GT the image shows the lovely deep dish on the OZ Nova rear wheel. That car is 10 years old, can you believe it! It looks fresh enough to be in a showroom today! Click the image to enlarge the right click and ‘save as’ to download for your … [Read more...]

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