How could such a show be complete without the iconic Lotus Esprit S1 from the 1977 film, “The Spy Who Loved Me”?

Filmed, among other places on location in Monaco and at the “007” sound stage at Pinewood Studios in Hertfordshire, Top Gear’s Richard Hammond meets key people in Bond’s history including Sir Roger Moore and reunites him with some of his iconic cars from the films. TLF were tasked with sourcing an S1 Esprit in Monaco White with the famous “Hunting Menzies” tartan interior and orange carpets of the 70’s film and member Cos Herodotou‘s recently restored example was the perfect fit. Cos, a commercial pilot who lives in Cyprus was whisked to the studios in the TLF Evora S review car from Heathrow Airport in true James Bond style on the day of the filming. His Esprit S1, which has recently undergone a extensive and costly rebuild sports fresh paint, newly diamond cut wheels, a Nick Fulcher interior re-trim and full engine rebuild currently resides with his brother Roddy (himself an Esprit S2.2 owner!) in NW London but is due to head to Cyprus soon to join Cos’ other Esprit, a silver GT3.

Top Gear Executive Producer Andy Wilman says:

We’re acutely aware that Bond originally drove a Bentley in the Casino Royale novel, but the Aston Martin DB5 is as much a part of 007’s furniture as are the sardonic, legendary one-liners. So Top Gear is delighted to see it return on the big screen in the upcoming 007 film Skyfall, out 26 October.

To mark the release of Skyfall and 50 years of Bond cars on film – Richard Hammond will present a Top Gear Special celebrating 50 years of Bond cars, on BBC2 at the end of October. Presented solely by Richard, it is, I’m proud to admit, says Andy, that it’s something of an old-school style documentary in which Top Gear shuts up, takes a back seat, and listens.

Andy Wilman, Executive Producer – Top Gear

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