Service Program 2020

There can be much confusion surrounding the service required to maintain our Lotus cars, but during 2020, the factory addressed this issue. Lotus Cars wanted to ensure your continued love for your Lotus during the whole time you own it, which is why they reviewed and made careful revisions to the service schedules of its current model range making available the best possible service and maintenance package at a very competitive fixed price.

Lotus Engineers have optimised all aspects of the Lotus Cars service schedule, without reducing the content of each service or the quality of the parts and lubricants used. The reason for this was to reduce the ownership cost of running a Lotus and make the proposition of ownership more attractive to potential new customers.

Hence, early last year, the Lotus Fixed Price Service Program was launched. Although welcomed by dealers and customers alike, these changes have seemed to have caused some confusion with customers and so to clarify the details, Lotus Cars and Lotus Dealers have worked together to be able to offer a national price for your servicing, regardless of which authorised Lotus dealer or repairer you choose.

Regular servicing will keep your Lotus in the best possible condition, helping it deliver maximum levels of performance, economy and safety. Yet the cost of a service has varied over the years and has been influenced by many different factors. To help owners manage these factors and to encourage previous owners back to the brand, Lotus have reviewed all aspects of the current service offering.

Lotus Cars and the Lotus Network have therefore taken the following initiatives:

  • Reviewed service operations and aligned them to the powertrain type (and not by model).
  • Rationalised the servicing of the current product range to allow the Lotus dealers to expertly discuss servicing options with customers.
  • Introduced a two-year guarantee period (with no-mileage limitation) on all Lotus Genuine service parts stated on the service schedule and invoiced under this service program. (Lotus parts purchased over the counter and fitted by a third party continue to benefit from the original 12-month Lotus Parts Warranty).

Why should our customers choose a Lotus network Fixed Price Service?

With Lotus fixed price servicing, Lotus owners can count on more than just the price. With an extensive network benefitting from experienced, skilled technicians that are fully trained in the latest diagnostic techniques and who are experts in the Lotus product range. Every Lotus workshop is fully equipped with the most up-to-date technology and advanced Lotus 20/20 diagnostic equipment. Plus, they will only be fitting genuine or manufacturer approved parts to ensure that your pride and joy leaves the workshop fully fit for the road or track.

Unbeatable value for money and increased value.

Lotus fixed price service packages are designed to deliver exceptional customer value. In addition to providing the best quality of service, Lotus Cars and the network of dealers and repairers have the competence and experience to carry out the necessary checks and more than that, the correct depth and content of checks on your Lotus than when compared to any independent service provider, having virtually instant access to the full level of technical support available from the Factory.

With the two-year Service Parts Warranty, owners have all the reassurance and peace of mind that cannot be provided by the independent garages and workshops. Also, as a unique and additional benefit, all Lotus cars serviced within the official Lotus network using genuine Lotus parts will be issued a certificate from the Factory, signed by the Aftersales Director Chris Hinks to further reinforce the commitment to the Lotus customer that their asset has been maintained to the highest levels.

What are the fixed price service options?

Different cars have different service requirements and the Lotus Fixed Price Service options reflect this, so all the service requirements from Elise S1 to the latest Elise, Exige and Evora production models have been included, with prices starting from just £270 including V.A.T..

Validated revisions have been made to transmission oil replacement intervals, spark plug replacement intervals and we have even removed the need to replace tyre pressure monitors, as feedback and additional testing has indicted that this is an un-necessary and un-wanted expense.

All the routine service operations have been fully reviewed, checked and realigned if required i.e.:

Engine oil and filter replacement, fault code reading/analysis/resetting and controller program updates; inspection of engine, transmission, cooling, fuel, suspension and brake lines and hydraulic systems for leaks/security and correct operation; drive belts, brake pads/discs, steering and tyres for wear; correct operation of electrical systems including lights, wipers/washers, locks and alarm system (including the remote alarm key fob battery replacement) and finally the after service road test to check satisfactory operation of the engine/transmission, braking, steering, suspension and safety systems etc.

Lotus Fixed Price Servicing costs

 1st year
9,000 mls
2nd year
18,000 mls
3rd year
27,000 mls
4th year
36,000 mls
5th year
45,000 mls
Elise K Series S1£270£390£430£760£270
Elise 2 ZR Supercharged + AC£280£460£330£660£280
Exige 350 V6£280£430£280£950£280
Evora 410 GT Manual£280£460£280£950£280

Prices include VAT

Therefore, to fully understand the new price structure and to ensure that your Lotus is maintained to the highest possible standard, call your local Lotus dealer today to discuss your servicing requirements and pricing for your cherished Elise, Europa, Exige or Evora and protect your asset in the future by ensuring that it is only serviced in the official Lotus way!

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So, remember, with Lotus Fixed Price Servicing, you can count on more than just a great value price:

  • Only Genuine Lotus Parts used
  • Two-year warranty on all parts fitted
  • Lotus Approved lubricants and fluids to original specification
  • Guaranteed workmanship from factory trained technicians
  • A certificate from the Lotus Cars head office in Hethel confirming the genuine service.
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