DisplayImage.ashxCosworths first batch of Engines are now due to be despatched to Lotus F1.

Following hot on the heels on the anouncement of the launch date for the first Lotus F1 car since 1994, Mark Gallagher, Cosworth’s Formula 1 General Manager said, “The first batch of CA2010 units is boxed and ready for our customers to press ahead with installation, fire-up and initial testing,”

With pre-season testing getting underway in just over two weeks, F1’s four new teams; Lotus, Campos Meta, USF1 and Virgin Racing as well as Williams are all awaiting the arrival of the new engines.  

 Gallagher stated, “We’re looking forward to seeing them all on track next month since there is still a lot of work to do before the season starts.

“After the very busy summer and autumn months when we were putting our program together it has been very rewarding to see the first engines ready for action thanks to the hard work of everyone here at Cosworth and our suppliers.”

Cosworth was founded in London in 1958, specialising in engines for motorsport. It has supplied a wide range of motorsport series, including the World Rally Championship, World Superbikes and less we forget, as of 2010, a return to Formula One’

Cosworth is now based in Northampton and also has a North American facility in Torrance California.

Cosworth has had a long and distinguished career in F1. The end of the 2006 F1 season marked the end of Cosworth’s remarkable 43 year association with the series, as no team opted to use Cosworth for 2007. With 176 F1 wins to its credit, Cosworth is one of the most successful engine manufacturers ever to race in F1, second only to Ferrari in GP victories.

The assosciation with Lotus F1 in 2010, renews a relationship that was first formed in 1967. Although they failed to win the title in 1967, by the end of the season the Lotus 49 and the DFV engine were mature enough to make the Lotus team dominant again.

Lets hope history bodes well and that the famous association can deliver another winning chapter for both marques in the very near future.

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