We are back on track. That is the consensus following LRGP’s showing in Montreal at the weekend. Yes, it was a race of contrasting fortunes – ten points bagged by the rocket, but an end to Nick’s chances as the race was entering its final stages. There’s no way of glossing over the fact that it could have been greater, with both cars very much en route for top 6 finishes. One could argue it was just a curse of bad luck. One of those days. Some feel there has been a fair bit of bad luck surrounding the team at recent races.

Well, I’m one of those that feels that it all evens out over the course of a season. If we are going through a patch of bad luck now, then chances are later in the season some good fortune will present itself.

The problems that faced the team in Monaco, including qualifying, were rectified in Montreal. Nothing is by any means perfect, but lessons from the previous couple of races were well learnt. It is now a case of keeping that going as we head to the European Grand Prix in Valencia.

A top six finish for atleast one car is a minimum expectation; two cars in the top six would build some confidence and give us momentum going heading into Silverstone, Nurburgring and Budapest.

The game will need to be ’upped’ when we get to Valencia. Mercedes GP’s form appears to be here to stay, and the fourth spot in the Constructors’ Championship will go right down to the wire. come the end of November

It’s time for us to reassert our authority, time for us to get back on that podium. In just over a week, we have the chance to prove we can get there once again. All eyes now turn to Valencia.

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