Unfortunately this months update isn’t much of an update due to wildlife. The stunning Burnt Orange Evora delivered by Martin Donnelly lasted but a few weeks until on a quiet and calm Sunday drive up to Hethel the car meet with a deer just off the A140. Every knows that deer travel in pairs, apart from me that is and when I narrowly avoided one bouncing out in front of the car I had no expectation of his number two following closely behind.

As a testament to the crashability of the Evora, it’s up there as a success I’d say. Hitting a Muntjac deer at around 50mph square on means that a new front bumper, grill and power steering cooling line along with number plate/plinth is all that’s required. The bumper absorbed the impact very well and the front clam was untouched. Without going into all the gory details the deer made it’s home in the area in front of the radiator for a few seconds but fortunately the radiator was undamaged so all in as a repair its reasonably cheap compared to the potential costs of clam replacement etc. The front bumper ‘could’ have been repaired and repainted but on such a new car it makes sense to replace with new but ultimately the damage was cosmetic and the car could still be driven safely, albeit with no front plate in the correct position, it lived on the dashboard for a short while.

For now though, Lotus have saved us any down time in the Evora with a replacement car, watch this space for next months update which should be interesting as the car will just be pottering around town, no long distance journeys are planned. How does the ‘S’ cope with being a daily driver rather than high performance tourer as the Burnt Orange car was in the few weeks and few thousands miles we had it?

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