…and it looks quick too!

In preparation for a January release to showrooms the car is undergoing final dynamic ride and handling refinement at the famous German toll road no doubt in the hands of Lotus Chief Engineer, Matt Becker. We’ve been speaking to dealers who are having strong interest already and potential sales are looking positive. This is good news for the car and the dealer network who in the UK and Europe have been lacking a new Exige to sell since the 1.8l Toyota supplied 2ZZ-GE failed to comply with new Euro 5 emission regulations from the beginning of 2011.

This Exige S is expected to be priced at launch at £49,990 and featuring the current Evora’s V6 3.5l engine in supercharged form has a power to weight ratio of 324bhp/tonne. We expect to see more of the car as it undergoes final road testing on the roads of Norfolk in the next month or two.

Are you a fan of the Exige S? In our current poll, 92% of 184 voters to date consider the car a ‘hit’, great news! Join in the discussion on our forums and let us know what you think.


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