Lotus Driving Academy – 23rd June – Level 2 training for £599 instead of RRP of £699. Book now with Alex Brake on 01953 608547, only 3 places remain…!

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Level 2 is our intermediate course that focuses on deepening your understanding of vehicle dynamics theory and developing your car control skills. The iconic Lotus Elise with its lightweight frame and supreme handling properties provides the perfect platform to tackle the challenges of the programme and guarantees for a day filled with loads of fun and action.

In the morning your instructor will accompany you through different scenarios to hone your handling skills in a set of realistic circumstances. Using our well-proven 1:1 tuition scheme you will learn to master a slalom course, a braking circuit and oversteer/understeer on our turning circle. You will also have the chance to acquaint yourself with our tricky South Track with its multiple curve combinations.

After lunch one of our experts provides an in-depth presentation on vehicle dynamics to ensure you have all the theoretical foundations in place.

You will then have the opportunity to put all your new knowledge into action in the afternoon when we open up the full 2.2 mile circuit with its combination of straights, hairpins and chicanes. In 3 1:1 tuition sessions with your instructor you will be able to fine-tune your driving technique and vehicle control while gradually starting to add speed as you progress through the day.

One of our experts will be present during the entire day to coach you and provide valuable advice, and a personal evaluation with your instructor at the end of the day will ensure that no questions remain unanswered.

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