At this year’s Festival of Speed (28 June – 1 July) the only V12-powered Lotus Formula 1 car – the 102 – will be driven in anger by its 1990-season driver Martin Donnelly for 1.16 miles up the challenging Goodwood hillclimb, whilst the car’s owner – Andrew Morris – is busy rowing 2,587 miles across the even more challenging North Atlantic Ocean!

Entrepreneur, Icon Sheene motorcycle creator and owner of the Lotus 102 Andrew Morris will be rowing the Atlantic with adventurer Roz Savage, leaving dry land in 12 days time (13 May) and rowing from the East coast of Canada to London.  En route they face at least two months at sea with all the North Atlantic Ocean has to throw at them – bitter cold, fog, storm force winds, the threat of icebergs, mountainous waves and unpredictable currents. By comparison the twists and turns of the 1.16-mile Goodwood Hill seem comparatively easy, but appearances can be deceptive.

To date just 30 individuals have rowed the North Atlantic, and no one has yet completed this together with a row along the inland waterways to London. The record for a rowing pair stands at 55 days and 13 hours, and this record has remained unbroken for 115 years. Andrew and Roz will also be the first male/female team to make this attempt.

However, the experienced ocean rowers will not stop there. Through the OAR (Olympic Atlantic Row) Project ( they aim to finish their row in London, navigating through the Bristol Channel and via the inland waterways, aiming to arrive in time to enjoy the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.

Whilst Andrew is mid-Atlantic, his cherished Lotus 102 will be fully exercised at the Festival of Speed by its former 1990-season F1 driver Martin Donnelly.  The Frank Dernie designed 102 was the first and only Lotus to use a V12. The Lamborghini engine powered Team Lotus to a best finish of fifth in the 1990 Hungarian GP, driven by Derek Warwick.

Donnelly will be reunited with the 102 and he intends to enjoy it with gusto; driving the Lotus as a timed run car up the Goodwood 1.16-mile Hill.  The 102 will be one of over 40 significant Lotus race and road cars tacking the Festival hillclimb as Goodwood celebrates this iconic, innovative and treasured British marque.

Both the Andrew Morris boat, plus his Lotus 102, will be wearing Festival of Speed branding to unite them.

Lord March says “I wish Andrew and Roz the best of British in safely and successfully rowing across the Atlantic and back into London.  I also look forward to watching Martin tackling the Festival of Speed hillclimb in his Lotus 102.”

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