It’s been 20 years that Lotus unveiled their fi rst version of the Exige, well known as one of the most agile sports cars in the world. Now, two decades later, an Austrian motorsport-engineer shows what is possible based on legendary chassis from Lotus. Always in mind: the spirit of Colin Chapman.

Martin Jung, founder of JUBU Performance, wanted to build the race-car he always desired: fast, easy to drive and easy to maintain. What he did with his team is pretty insane: “JP ZERO”, a full carbon, 610 hp race-car with only 960kg, designed to compete in the GT2 class. A 740 hp, street legal supercar will follow.

“We took the great chassis from the Exige and built an entire new car around it. Almost everything – from suspension to steering wheel was completely new designed and produced at our factory in Austria. During the development process we always kept the old principle of Colin Chapman in mind: simplify, then add lightness.” says Martin Jung, the mastermind of the project.

Besides the ultra-lightweight construction the drivetrain takes a major part in the concept of JP ZERO: a special designed dual clutch transmission provides ultra-fast shifting without the downsides of a classic sequential gearbox. “This was one of our greatest achievements during the project. Our DCT is really easy to handle and can compete with any sequential
gearbox on track – but if you want to relax, you can just switch from manual in automatic mode and chill.” says Jung.

The DTC also allows a bold promise – according to the manufacturer the car allows you to be on track for 100 hours without any major maintenance or rebuild of the gearbox. Martin Jung: “We designed the car to be on track, not in the workshop. Any JP ZERO owner should be able to simply arrive on track and drive – without the need of a crew of mechanics.”

The Bi-Turbo concept also allows the driver to adjust the power provided by the engine on purpose. It’s possible to set the delivered power from 410 hp to 610 hp with a simple switch in the cockpit (up to 740 hp in ZEROstreet).
Three Versions, limited units, delivery starts 2021 JP ZERO comes in three versions, ZEROrace, ZEROtrack and ZEROstreet. The pure race-car is called ZEROrace, designed to compete in the GT2 class. ZEROtrack comes as a low-maintainance, arrive-and-drive track-tool for having fun on tracks without any effort. ZEROstreet will come as a 740 hp, street legal, luxurious supercar with bare carbon body.

First deliveries of ZEROrace and ZEROtrack will take place in spring 2021.

ZEROstreet will follow in spring 2022. Inspired by the 20th anniversary of the basic Exige each version of the ZERO is limited to 20 production units, so altogether just 60 units of JP ZERO will be produced.

Prices start at EUR 249.000,— for ZEROtrack and go up to EUR 650.000,— for ZEROstreet.

Martin Jung: “The car is pure, analogue and reliable. It’s meant to be truly a car for the drivers.”

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