The homage by newly refreshed Radford Coachworks was unveiled at Bremont Watch HQ in Henley-on-Thames on the 10th November 2021. For the first time, guests were able to view the recently completed interior of the car which leans heavily on Lotus and the Exige with its styling and equipment. The interior also features a chrono package designed and made in house by Bremont.

Speaking with Ant Anstead, the Type 62-2 was developed with much consultation on design and engineering with Lotus Cars and during the presentation, it was revealed the Colin Chapman’s philosophies on ‘adding lightness’ feature throughout. With a full carbon fibre body and extremes such as carbon fibre and magnesium wheels, the focus has been on making a car as lightweight as possible. The engine in this form is pushing out over 600bhp in the JPS Edition so with a weight around the 1,100kg mark, it’s going to have the performance to match the looks. While an Exige chassis features, Radford have designed a rear spaceframe sub-assembly which has given them the flexibility to relocate the engine further back towards the rear axle and even allows room for luggage under the hinged rear clam.

With 11 of the 12 JPS livery cars already spoken for, we’re looking forward to what’s next for Lotus and Radford in the future.

Lotus Radford Type 62-2

Bremont HQ and Lotus Radford Type 62-2 Reveal

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