Lotus EvoraDespite a flu pandemic, the death of a pop icon and a struggling global economy, there are plenty of reasons to be positive about 2009 and much to be excited about as a new decade dawns.

There’s no doubt that the past few years have been bleak since the housing bubble burst and banks fell foul due to their sub-prime behaviour, but the world is gaining positive momentum and 2009 brought some great highlights.

In January Barack Obama assumed his position as the 44th President of the United States, marking a change in global politics and acquiring the Nobel Peace Prize in tribute to his impact on international relations. Twitter revolutionised our online social activity with micro-blogging, shoulder pads made it back onto the catwalks and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ cleaned-up at the Oscars. In all spheres a return to former glory ensued, and a keenness to restore normality was partnered with a will to balance success with moderation to avoid the excess that inevitably led to downfall.

For Lotus, 2009 was a year for celebrating innovation and to revel in the response to its new sports car, the Lotus Evora. Praised for its poise and performance, the Evora gave consumers something to be excited about when the rest of the sports car market was dwindling. When emphasis is on value for money, true heroes emerge and not only has the Evora taken on the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin and won, but it costs less than £50,000*, proving that you don’t have to compromise in a recession.

Acknowledged by the motoring industry as 2009’s car ‘du jour’, the Evora claims winning titles from Car, Top Gear, Auto Car and Evo magazines and positive endorsement of this car has been abundant:

Car Magazine – Performance Car of the Year 2009

Car Magazine“There are executive saloons that don’t ride this well, super cars that don’t turn in so crisply, and surely no car on the planet steers like this. Lotus has managed to transfer everything that we love about the Elise to a bigger, more refined, more grown up platform…It couldn’t really be much better to drive – the Evora is nigh-on perfect. A winner on every conceivable level.”

Top Gear – Sports car of the Year 2009

Top Gear“Its pretty, quintessentially British, fast and handles like a dream. Evora takes Lotus to a new place in terms of quality but more importantly delivers a sports car rush that puts other marques to shame.”

Evo Magazine – Car of the Year 2009

EVO Magazine“It’s a magical thing across the ground, deft like an Elise, with exceptional poise and feel. What was telling for me was that, getting into it after any of the other finalists, it was even better than I remembered: a bit smoother, a bit quicker and even sweeter dynamically, too. It’s a beguiling car. … A quite brilliant car and worthy winner.”

Autocar – Britain’s best Driver’s Car 2009 
Editor’s Special Award for Excellence, Group Lotus

Autocar Magazine“The best here. Brilliant on the track. Nimble, delicate and forgiving. Even better on the road.”

iMotor – Most Rated Car of 2008

iMotor“It’s [Lotus Evora] ‘rated’ score of 95 per cent is truly impressive and enough to see it beat brilliant machines such as the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and Nissan GT-R.”

Looking forward to the new decade Group Lotus has ambitious plans for its world revered brand. Under the leadership of recently appointed CEO Dany Bahar, Lotus is set to accelerate its evolution and elevate the brand.

An exciting return to motorsport is planned and Mr Bahar recently commented, “I believe that this is the perfect platform to showcase our capabilities; racing is part of our heritage and even today the technology in our road cars is derived from racing. We will investigate participation in Indy car series, GT and Le Mans racing amongst other series around the globe to demonstrate the shared technology.”

With a new award-winning product, a legendary legacy and a dedicated and passionate team behind it, there is no doubt Lotus is primed for success.

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