Britney Spears has a thing for ‘Toxic’, perhaps we’ve found her next car! Lipscomb Lotus in Kent have a Toxic Green Exige Cup car in their showroom for sale at present. The colour is a follow on from the very bright and almost electric Krypton Green seen on many Elise and Exiges and later the Isotope Green, colours which suited the extreme nature of the cars down to a tee. This Toxic Green has an element of metallic gold/yellow in the lacquer which gives it a golden sheen in the sunlight but a deeper green the rest of the time which works very well on the car.

With the current orders to date of the the Exige Cup cars, people are opting for choices outside of the normal colour range. The colour choices in order of popularity to date are: Aspen White, Pewter Grey, Toxic Green, Chrome Orange, Solar Yellow, Motorsport Green, Le Mans Blue, Nightfall Blue, Arctic Silver, Burnt Orange, Starlight Black and Pearlescent White.

You can find this car for sale in our free classifieds here and a long discussion about the Exige Cup car from current and future owners on our forums here. Click the images below to enlarge and to view the whole gallery.

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