The Lotus Cyan Racing duo of Prince Carl Philip and Thed Björk fought hard in their toughest Swedish GT race weekend of 2018 at Rudskogen in Norway with both crashes and torrential rain to claim a second consecutive double podium finish.

“This was one of the toughest race weekends we have had and to come away with a double podium is under the circumstances ok. I am not happy with the incidents and mistakes but what I bring with me to the season finale is my pole position in the wet,” said Prince Carl Philip.

Prince Carl Philip claimed class pole position in the Saturday qualifying session and the first race saw the duo finishing third in class. The second race was eventful with torrential rain and a crash that involved Thed Björk and car from another class.

The duo came together on the main straight and sent Thed Björk into a spin. The reigning World Champion of touring car racing touched the barriers but was able to recover and finish the race in third position.

“We didn’t get the result that we hoped for and that we had the speed for. A podium finish provides some consolation but I’m looking ahead to the next race where I hope we get revenge and claim a double victory,” said Thed Björk.

The result from the Swedish GT weekend in Norway has put the Lotus Cyan Racing duo out of contention for the GTB class title, instead focussing on keeping second place and securing the silver medal in the season finale at Mantorp Park in Sweden on September 21-22.

“We haven’t lacked pace compared to our title rivals, rather the contrary. But to win the title you need consistency and a bit of luck, something we have unfortunately not had this season. What we can do now is focus on the runner-up spot, something we are right in line for and we aim to end the season in the best possible way with a victory,” said Alexander Murdzevski Schedvin, Head of Motorsport at Geely Group Motorsport.

Race 1 – GTB Top 3
1 Gullberg/Mörner Ginetta G55
2 Simon Sjöö Porsche Cayman GT4
3 Björk/Bernadotte Lotus Evora GT4

Race 2 – GTB Top 3
1 Gullberg/Mörner Ginetta G55
2 Simon Sjöö Porsche Cayman GT4
3 Björk/Bernadotte Lotus Evora GT4

Qualifying 1 – GTB Top 3
1 Gullberg/Mörner Ginetta G55 1:29.310
2 Björk/Bernadotte Lotus Evora GT4 1:30.567
3 Simon Sjöö Porsche Cayman GT4 1:36.762

Qualifying 2 – GTB Top 3
1 Bernadotte/Björk Lotus Evora GT4 1:43.967
2 Gullberg/Mörner Ginetta G55 1:44.744
3 Simon Sjöö Porsche Cayman GT4 1:46.121

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Championship standings GTB – Top 5
1 Gullberg/Mörner 186 points
2 Carl Philip Bernadotte 116 (-70)
3 Thed Björk 91 (-95)
4 Mäkinen/Lilja 85 (-101)
5 Simon Sjöö 70 (-116)

2018 Swedish GT Calendar
04-05/5 Knutstorp
16-17/6 Anderstorp
18-19/8 Karlskoga
08-09/9 Rudskogen
21-22/9 Mantorp Park

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