The Classic Team Lotus Festival 2010 was an extraordinary occasion for the Lotus marque.  One of every Team Lotus Formula 1 design gathered together for the first time and on the eve of the 500th Grand Prix for a Lotus Formula 1 car. Classic Team Lotus would like to create a record of this special event, in a large format album style book, which captures all aspects of the occasion, both for those who were there and those who wish they had been.

It is anticipated that 1,000 copies of  this book, ‘The Album’ will be created, with 491 numbered editions – one for each Team Lotus Grand Prix – and 509 regular editions.

Photographs will be the essence of this project and Classic Team Lotus hopes to be able to benefit from contributions from the many photographers in attendance, both professional and amateur. Images will need to be in high resolution, of course. Photographers are invited to present their images in either digital or hard copy format to Classic Team Lotus for consideration.  Of course no image would be used without prior written consent.We aim to have put the photos in The Album in time for the Lotus Festival at Snetterton on the 26th June, so the production schedule is tight…..

Please contact Mrs Sapphire Whitbread via [email protected]

Thank you.  Clive Chapman


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