TLF are pleased to introduce our new partners, TOAD tv who will bring quality and entertaining video reviews of Lotus cars past and present to you.

Born out of a passion for all things on four wheels, preferably with a good turn of pace, TOAD tv began as a bit of tongue in cheek fun for a group of car enthusiasts.  From filming high speed laps of the Nordschliefe, European forays to the very best driving roads the Alps have to offer or a cheeky track day with like minded enthusiasts, we’ve experienced many a petrolheads dream.

TOAD tv’s somewhat quirky style has helped it develop quite a following during recent months. With this in mind, the world’s oil reserves depleting at an ever-increasing rate and the nanny state intent on spoiling car enthusiasts passion for making progress. TOAD tv aims to bring the viewer closer to the action. Naturally no TOAD film would be the same without some eyebrow raising humour, but rest assured, the TOAD team don’t take themselves too seriously, but their subject matter is very close to their hearts.

In the coming months, TOAD tv will have a variety of road test & features on British brands, mainly Lotus including a Europa (GM engined), a Lotus Elise race car build and a 6 hour race report, an Elan Sprint & Esprit S2, along with an Aston Martin Vantage thrown in for good measure. Whilst the channel is heavily linked to the Lotus marque and British motoring icons, features on some classic Maranello, Sant’agata & Turino metal will also make its way onto the channel in due course.

So, sit back, don your best Roger Moore’esque raised eyebrow, and enjoy some high jinx motoring fun, with the emphasis very firmly on a passion for the combustion engine.

You can find the TOAD tv channel on youtube but first here are a couple of recent videos to give you an idea what’s coming up…

Elise 111R Road Test

Supercharged and chargecooled K20 Honda powered Exige S1 (NS@W due to some swearing!)

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