The WRX Concept reveals us the design of the new WRX STi, promising a dream car. You probably know the debates going around the current generation. Technology and performance are at the highest level, but the design is a disappointment. Even the hatchback body shape and especially the details do not impress by far, compared with the old generations. But the Japanese have paid attention to criticisms and promise to fix this by presenting the new Subaru WRX Concept.

Aggressive, muscular, inspiring total safety, the new WRX Concept turns on your imagination immediately. It looks exactly a road vehicle with racing capacities should look like. Apart from the front design, I also like the new body: a sedan, but with the sideline of a coupe.

Air Intakes, speakers, four exhaust pipes with large diameter and many specific design lines make Subaru WRX STi the most inspiring STi ever created. Of course, this applies to the concept. It remains a major question: what changes will occur when it will come to serial production. There are some items that will be modified for sure.

Subaru didn’t give any technical details regarding concept. They just mentioned a turbocharged engine and the famous Japanese all-wheel drive system. Nothing specific; however we cannot imagine a WRX STi without those two traditional technologies anyway. We don’t know when we will see the serial version, probably next year. The whole world waits for it with great interest, as well as Mitsubishi’s reply.

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