The 1990 F1 Team Lotus Type 102 (chassis 4) owned by British enthusiast Andrew Morris, has been restored to running condition by Classic Team Lotus.

Classic Team Lotus’s Lead Mechanic for the project Lewis Cullington has restored the car to ‘race ready’ condition with the chassis being completely stripped and all parts tested as appropriate. The 3.5l V12 Lamborghini engine was acquired ex Works by Team Lotus before being fitted with up to date Motec engine management prior to extensive dyno testing in the UK.

The type 102 is the only ever Lotus to be fitted with a V12… far.  The engine is capable of producing 650 bhp at 12,000 rpm, in a 505kg car.  Chassis 4 is the first and only 102 to have run since 1990.  Andrew Morris has acquainted himself with the car on the Lotus Cars test track.  As an experienced driver of sports racing cars, Andrew has enjoyed the challenge of adapting to a Nineties F1 Lotus.

Five type 102 chassis were manufactured by Team Lotus for the 1990 season, to be raced by Martin Donnelly and Derek Warwick.  The team achieved flashes of competitiveness, but ultimately the performance fell short of the high standards of the Marque.  Indeed, the 102 is remembered as the car in which Martin Donnelly suffered his horrific accident in qualifying for the Spanish GP at Jerez.  Only Martin’s fitness and strength of character enabled him to survive, and he has borne the ongoing effects of his injuries with great stoicism.

102/4 looks great and sounds even better.  It is a rare beast and Andrew is looking forward to demonstrating the car at appropriate events throughout the season.  Andrew has told Martin that if ever he feels like it he would be most welcome to have a go.  Knowing Martin’s indomitable spirit we would not put it past him; what a special moment that would be!

NB You can view the first moment the engine ran in 20 years in our recent article by clicking here.

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