The Lotus Forums was set up on the 23rd September 2004 to help a few UK based Esprit owners keep in touch and maintain their cars through mutual skills and experience sharing. 10 years later we’re now the world’s busiest Lotus website with close to 70,000 visitor sessions each month from Lotus owners and enthusiasts across the globe.

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales commented:  “Lotus has a very special community of loyal and passionate fans. That community is stimulated by debate and we recognise how important independent forums and clubs are to maintaining that flow of information.

“We congratulate The Lotus Forums on its 10th anniversary, they have done a great job in building and sustaining an enthusiastic global community and we wish them well for the next decade and for many more years to come.”

Owners of all models of Lotus cars including a very strong representation of Evora and Exige S V6 owners still share those experiences. TLF also caters for owners of the older cars with a focus on the 4 seater Excel, Eclat and Elite with a huge knowledge base online for all to read and benefit from. Our Esprit owners are still very active on the site with close to 170,000 technical posts on how to maintain your Esprit, almost enough we’re sure to strip and rebuild the car from scratch, as many of our members are in fact doing.

TLF CEO Andy ‘Bibs’ Betts commented: “TLF has been a real pleasure in my life for this last decade. I’ve lost count of the number of friends made through a mutual love of Lotus cars and the number of terrific events we’ve been able to organise and attend.

Our close relationship with Lotus directly has enabled our members to enjoy their cars to the full and we look forward to strengthening this bond further. Thanks to everyone who has been a member of TLF over the years, it’s 100% about you all and I hope to carry on enjoying our conversations, both online and off, for many more years.”


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