From a Hi-Wing in Hong Kong to this dazzling silver Esprit V8 from Russia (With Love!). Hopefully heralding the coming of Spring, this timeless beauty remains rarer than an apology from Vladimir Putin in its native country. The photo was taken by Dimitry T, also known as ‘Iceman’. He believes it’s one of only 3 or 4 known Esprits left in Russia.

Owner of this Esprit is one of my friends. He found this car a long time ago when he started a “supercars spotting theme” in Moscow. Then for a few years we don’t see this car and once in Autumn 2012 he called another of our friends and said:”Hi! Do you remember that silver Esprit? Now I’m its owner.”

 This photo was taken when we meet in spring 2014. The owner and his friend in an Exige were cruising on the street and they saw us. He said: “Do you want ride with us? We want find a place to shoot our cars.” This was what happened next.

Many thanks to Dimitry for his kind permission to share this shot. To download it for your desktop, smartphone or tablet – simply click the thumbnail below, then, once opened, right click and ‘save as’.

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