May 23, 2017

[VIDEO] The Road to Lotus…

UK Lotus customers are often given the opportunity via their dealer to visit the Lotus Factory in Potash Lane, Hethel. It's a real treat to visit the home of Lotus for the past 50 years and have a tour of the facilities and see the famous test track where all Lotus cars get their post-production shakedown and where our cars are developed to make sure they do exactly what a Lotus car is meant to do when on track. If you aren't buying a new car, there's always the option of a factory tour which we very much recommend you combine with a trip to the workshops of Classic … [Read more...]

[PICS] TLF members pick up Evora GTE’s from Lotus HQ

TLF were invited along to join with 2 of our long term members for the official handover of their Evora GTE's from Lotus at the factory in Hethel, bringing the total GTE ownership amongst our members to 10 of the 20 cars made. Lotus' Scott Walker, UK Territory Manager was present for the handover as was Rupert Manwaring, Head of Motorsport for Lotus. "Trevsked" is a serial Lotus owner, with a current stable including an Esprit Sport 350 and Exige V6 Cup being bolstered by the Evora GTE. "Sizona" until recently owned an Exige LF1 and 340r however the GTE will be … [Read more...]

Exclusive TLF ‘Lotus Experience’ at Hethel – £50 off!

How do you fancy spending the morning of Friday the 4th May at the Lotus Factory in Hethel, driving the Elise on the Lotus FIA standard test track and the Evora through the stunning Norfolk countryside coupled with an exclusive TLF tour of the Lotus Factory and production facilities? Click here for more details. Strictly limited to 16 places and with £50 off the normal price for TLF readers. Book today! … [Read more...]

Lotus Originals opens factory shop in Hethel

While visiting Hethel to do some filming for our Esprit S1 documentary, Tony K and I, along with Gordon Masson, attended the opening of Lotus’s first LOTUS ORIGINALS retail shop, which also serves as a model for future dealership interiors with the ribbon-cutting by Dany Bahar and Bruno Senna. Many of us TLFers have taken a poke at the prices for the new merchandise, but having seen it up close there really was no denying the quality, which is certainly on par with Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini swag, and similarly priced. And with the likes of Loro Piana … [Read more...]

1,100 new jobs to be created at Lotus

Lotus have today confirmed that production of its range of 'new era' cars including the Esprit, Elite, Elise, Eterne and city car, the Ethos will be at its existing headquarters in Hethel, Norfolk and not abroad. The news comes as Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced 119 successful bids in the second round of the Regional Growth Fund and with Lotus applying for £10m to aid expansion of the Hethel site as encouraged to by the government after being turned down in the first round. Automated production lines will be a feature for the first time ever at the plant … [Read more...]

Lotus enthusiasts go behind the scenes at Hethel & Enstone

Lotus owner and enthusiasts clubs were invited to send representatives to visit the Lotus factory in Hethel and the Lotus Renault GP facilities at Enstone to catch up on what the companies have been working towards of late and to gain an exclusive insight into the inner workings of a competitive and successful current F1 team. The two-day event included VIP access to parts of both factories not usually available, a rare treat of being able to take a camera on site and time with senior staff including Q&A sessions. This presented an excellent opportunity for finding … [Read more...]

Lotus get Council approval to grow Hethel Factory

Lotus have recently had planning permission approved to expand their production facilities in Hethel according to reports in local paper, The Advertiser. The plans, which will allow modification and expansion of the current production factories could create up to 150 more local jobs due to the increase of capacity at the plant. Lotus also have plans for an 8,500m2 Heritage centre to be based on the site which will showcase the companies 63 year history in both road car manufacture and founder Colin Chapman's main passion, motor racing. Lotus, who currently employ … [Read more...]

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