TLF were invited along to join with 2 of our long term members for the official handover of their Evora GTE’s from Lotus at the factory in Hethel, bringing the total GTE ownership amongst our members to 10 of the 20 cars made. Lotus’ Scott Walker, UK Territory Manager was present for the handover as was Rupert Manwaring, Head of Motorsport for Lotus.

“Trevsked” is a serial Lotus owner, with a current stable including an Esprit Sport 350 and Exige V6 Cup being bolstered by the Evora GTE. “Sizona” until recently owned an Exige LF1 and 340r however the GTE will be joining his beautiful Esprit S3. We’re hoping that he’ll have the chance to get out and drive his GTE. Both owners will be registering their cars on the 1st Sept this year and we look forward to seeing them at some TLF events very soon.

Jamie Matthews, Sales Manager at Bell & Colvill says:

I was delighted to handover over these beautiful Evora GTE’s at Lotus HQ to Simon and Trevor who have been great Lotus Customers and friends of Bell and Colvill for a number of years, I genuinely could not be any happier for them and the stunning end results. I would also like to thank Lotus Motorsport, particularly Russell Gibbons for all of their hard work and making the whole Evora GTE experience unique and thrilling for both Simon and Trevor and indeed myself.

If you’d like to read more about the Evora GTE then please visit this thread on the forums and we are maintaining a GTE registry here which also contains many images of the unique cars.


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