Lotus Renault GP is delighted to announce a new agreement with Processia Solutions, a technical partner since 2005. Processia Solutions, with offices in France, UK and Canada, specializes in the implementation of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions and provides advanced software development services. Their continuous contribution to Lotus Renault GP will help enhance integration and efficiency within the design, manufacture and race engineering departments of the team.

In brief:
– The Team and Processia Solutions have been partners since 2005.
– The new agreement runs until the end of 2012.
– Processia specializes in the implementation of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions and provides advanced software development services.
– By improving software communications, information transfer and data translation between departments, efficiency gains of up to 15% are predicted in some areas.

To design, build and successfully run a Formula 1 car requires a complex web of specialist technologies and software applications. Cutting edge design/manufacturing software must be integrated with excellent traceability inside the PLM systems and applications. The running of the car at race and test sessions requires bespoke, real time, software systems and technologies designed with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) in mind. This enables the software developers to easily adapt to ever changing updates and systems which will be monitored on the car. In Formula 1, the unique challenge is making these technologies function in harmony, to produce the end product; a Formula 1 car capable of challenging for the World Championship.

Processia Solutions will continue to bring their expertise to the Design, Production and Race Engineering departments within Lotus Renault GP. This will optimize performance and free up valuable resources to pursue additional design and development projects.

Lotus Renault GP Technical Director James Allison: “Success in Formula One is heavily dependent upon innovation. Each season brings a more intense development battle than the last and the team that can bring developments to the circuit the fastest will prosper. Furthermore, as the sport enters an era of cost control agreements, there is an even higher premium placed on innovations that allow more work to be done for less cost. Processia help us fight on this often unsung but extremely important front by delivering innovations across a wide range of our processes, allowing us to get our designs to the track faster and more efficiently.”

Processia Chief Executive Officer Vincent Fraser: “We are proud to extend our long term partnership with Lotus Renault GP, as it demonstrates Processia’s ability to provide high-end bespoke engineering software development in the most demanding environments”

Processia Solutions is a leader in the field of PLM integration and bespoke engineering software development in North America and Europe. Processia Solutions is involved in multiple industries such as Motorsports, Aerospace, Automotive, Transportation, Energy and Consumer goods. Processia also provide a comprehensive suite of services including business consulting, solution design, software development, SOA integration and complete CAD/CAM/PLM implementation services. Processia Solutions is a global services partner of Dassault Systèmes.

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