It’s the last day. Tamer is up and at it with a sheer determination worthy of any professional driver ever to take a the wheel of Lotus – and that puts him in some iconic company!

“The reaction at every city and check point has really motivated me to get on achieve something worthy of our ‘Evora Baby’! I’m gutted to have to leave her behind in Istanbul tomorrow. It’s the end of a great affair for me.” Careful Tam, it seems as though your hard man image is slipping a little – is that a tear..?

Across the border into Bulgaria and by lunchtime Tamer and Costa arrive in the beautiful city of Sofia ”The fans in Sofia went nuts for the Evora! They went totally crazy for the car videoing and photographing us to the point I was worried for their safety and ours!! We pulled up outside the Cathedral St. Alexander Nevsky to have a little fun and put on a special little show for them.”

The fun and games are a welcome distraction (who doesn’t enjoy the adoration of an excited crowd?) but there are valuable places to gain in the rally and Tamer has been holding a steady top 10 position since his early start from Monaco.

The road to Istanbul gives Tamer chance to reflect “It’s been a full-on week of great people, beautiful cities and a lot of partying and I’m knackered!! 3000 miles in 8 days is a tall order, but my ‘Evora Baby’ has done it! We came from the very back, we had some sneaky moves, but we’ve stayed tops and have fought to be at the front”.

As they cross the finish line in 6th place the guys hug each other in with the one ounce of energy they each have left, “Where’s the bar?”. Well done guys! Well done ‘Evora Baby’!

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