Early concept image of Evora Convertible


At a recent event for Lotus owner and enthusiast club representatives Group Lotus CEO Dany Bahar confirmed that the Evora will be losing it’s roof in the near future.

The Evora is currently the focus of intense motorsport activity for the company and looks to be very competitive at all levels up to GT2 with several wins and podiums already this year for the car. The Evora GT4 car has sales well into the £millions with dozens of cars now in customers hands and it’s a natural move for the road going version of the award winning car to go topless.

Details of the exact method are yet to be revealed so we’ll continue to speculate if it will be a retractable hard top, soft top or targa. Either way it will open up the Evora to another new market as the supercharged ‘S’ version recently has along with the paddle shifting IPS (Intelligent Precision Shift) variant. The car still figures very highly on Lotus’ agenda as they continue to develop and engineer the New Era range of cars with the in house V8 development along with bespoke in house gearbox progressing well and according to plan.

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