Lotus partnered with Bronx based charity East Side House Settlement to host the 12th annual Gala Preview on Thursday (April 21st) at the Jacob Javits Center, 11th Avenue, New York. The event, a highlight of the New York Auto Show, culminated in an exciting live auction, where the star prize was a Lotus Evora IPS (Intelligent Precision Shift) donated by Group Lotus.

The lucky winner fended off rivals with a generous bid of $80,000 to secure the newly launched Lotus Evora IPS – the latest variant of the multi award winning Evora.

Speaking at the event, Lotus Director of Sales Guillaume Chabin said: “East Side House is a fantastic charity that provides its students and their families the very best classroom prep and technology training for high school and beyond, so we are very proud to partner with them for this special event. The auction part of the evening was great, people really dug deep into their pockets for this worthwhile cause. A big thank you from Group Lotus and congratulations to everyone who took part especially to our auction winner – what an intelligent purchase sir – it’s money well spent and he’s really going to enjoy his purchase!”

For those people who are still unfamiliar with the Evora, this model range is widely regarded as one of the most exciting, uncompromising and genuinely useable sportscars on the market today. With 3.5 litre V6 engine it delivers seamless performance, but that’s not all the IPS variant has to offer – this clever automatic version of the Evora allows you to switch between manual paddle shift and automatic drive modes. It’s been a long time since Lotus created an automatic so, as you can imagine, the clever engineers at Lotus have spent a great deal of time refining this one to make sure that it perfectly complements the sublime Evora drive experience.

Lotus will be at the New York Auto Show until May 1st so fans of the unique British automotive manufacturer have a few days to get up close to a selection of some of the most enjoyable, high-performance, lightweight sportscars on the market including the Evora IPS, the Evora S and a taste of the future of Lotus with the new Lotus Esprit.

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