In our recent poll held over the month of October, started just after the Exige S was shown to the world at the Frankfurt Motor Show the car has been voted a ‘hit’ by a massive 92% of visitors to the site. From 278 respondents, only 6 declared the car a ‘miss’ and 16 are on the fence with a ‘maybe’! This is very encouraging news for the car which is due to be appearing in showrooms in less than a couple of months.

An Exige S was recently spotted in Holland after it’s outing on the ‘Ring but this time it wasn’t dynamics that were being honed by the company. Lotus have used the homologation specialist RDW based close to Antwerp in the past so we can assume that the car is undergoing final European Type Approval. This again is good news for the car as to be this far down the line and to be undergoing homologation means it’s pretty much at the end of the development life cycle, this is one of the final stages of the homologation process. We’ve added a few pictures to further whet appetites for the car that Lotus recently posted on their facebook page.

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