After many delays to the production of the new 3.5L V6 Exige S, we’ve obtained pictures taken today of several Exige S cars both on the production line at Hethel and in the holding area of the factory, ready to be shipped to dealers. These cars are complete with ‘Passed to Sales’ (PTS) hangers you can spot hanging from the rear view mirror, signifying that their manufacture is complete and they are ready to go. These first cars are LHD and headed into Europe, with the Far East and UK cars not far behind.

Finally some positive news from Hethel and with the delays focussed on improving the quality of the finished product we expect a new batch of Exige S owners to be very happy when their new car is in their hands. The car has recently been voted ‘Car of the Year’ by Evo magazine along with the £820k Pagani Huayra so this is good timing on Lotus’s part to finally be getting cars out of the factory door and will no doubt help the company’s reputation which has suffered at the hands of the media of late because of the on-going delays to this new model and lack of communication.

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