Lotus Cars signal the start of a new era for the company with a range of customer focussed incentives designed to show the customer comes first and to entice more people into the brand and a new Lotus car. With the dealer network now being supported more closely from the factory, dealers will see a range of changes including financial support to see them run with a complete range of demonstrator vehicles and factory incentives ready to pass on to customers.

With an emphasis on making the Lotus experience more complete, one of the first major changes we’ll see is the price re-alignment for the Exige SPORT 410. From a previous manufacturers RRP of £85,600 in the UK this car now retails at an MRRP of £79,900. On current factory and dealer stock cars customers get the full spec car, with all carbon elements plus Nitron suspension etc, at the revised price; in future, Lotus will lower the standard spec of the car to match the lower price point, so there’s a real incentive to move quickly and grab a full-spec car at the new price now! The new prices makes the SPORT 410 much more appealing to new car buyers and more competitive in the sector.

With more exciting news to come along with the announcement that there will be a 70th Anniversary event at the Lotus factory in conjunction with the well established ‘Lotus Festival’ on the 29th September 2018 (more news on this event very soon!), this really does look like Lotus are changing for the best and we can’t wait to hear what’s around the corner!

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