More big shots are headed to the boardroom at Lotus in Hethel.

Ex GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz and Tom Purves, former CEO of Rolls Royce are being linked to talks with Lotus regarding heading to Norfolk in an advisory capacity as Lotus put in place a new 5 year plan. The plan involves a production expansion from current levels of a planned 2,500 cars per year to 8,000 per year by 2015. With this massive expansion comes a jump up the value chain into Ferrari and Lamborghini territory as Lotus appear to set their sights on the Italian exotica market levels of supercar and hypercar. Reports indicate that Lutz are Purves are well experienced and positioned to help Lotus achieve this move into a market away from their traditional core product of lightweight sportscars.

According to auto website ‘Automotive News‘ Purves is reported to have said that he “would be happy” with a move to Lotus. “The goal is to make a contribution to projects of the future – improving the quality, the product offerings and the operations of the company,” said Purves, who led BMW in North America before becoming CEO of the German automaker’s Rolls-Royce unit. “It’s exciting, and there is no question it is a great brand and has a good future.” Lotus have so far not commented on the possible tie-up.

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