Having made it’s TV debut on Top Gear last weekend (youtube) the Lotus T125 is an F1 inspired car that you can buy (if you’ve £650,000 burning a hole in your hand stitched, diamond studded Gucci crocodile skin wallet). The car was quicker than the quickest car ever around their short circuit which shouldn’t come as a surprise but keep your eyes on the TV this Sunday as the T125 has been back to the Top Gear studio this week. Last time, due to the weather it didn’t complete a fast lap but all being well you’ll see it on Sunday evening and see how it compares to the rest of the lap times. It’s not a road car so won’t feature on the wall as it won’t survive a speed bump but it will be interesting to see all the same.

In the meantime, we’re pleased to give you a short video featuring the T125 and Dany Bahar explaining the car, the reasons why Lotus embarked on the project and what the Exos Experience is.


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