Following our recent theme of videos on the Lotus T125, here Brian Wood who is Technical Director of Cosworth talks about the companies involvement in the T125 program with Lotus. The unit, as used in the IZOD IndyCar racers is a 3.5l V8 producing 640bhp which in a car weighing 560kgs gives almost 1000bhp/tonne.

Cosworth GPV8
Duty cycle type: 4 stroke reciprocating piston, normally aspirated
8 cylinders in banked ‘V’ configuration at a 90 degree angle
Cast aluminium alloy block/heads, forged aluminium pistons, steel crankshaft 
 Capacity: 3,800cc
 Valves: 32
 Power: 640bhp
 Maximum Speed: Limited to 11,000rpm
 Timing: Double overhead cams driven via compliant gearing from crankshaft
 Mass: 135kg
 Fuelling: 8 injectors supplied by a pressurized system at 100 bar
 Ignition: 8 ignition coils each driving single spark plug
 ECU: Pectel SQ6 
 Lubircation: Dry Sump
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