After a successful 2017, PB Racing conquers again the podium of the Dubai 24 Hours. In the 2019 edition of the Middle Eastern endurance race that took place last weekend, the team from Bergamo got an important 2nd and 3rd class place with the Elise Cup PB-R in a race that proved to be very hard and tight due to the huge field at the start and many stoppages.

The first of the great achievements was to see two cars under the checkered flag at the end of 24 hours. An unexceptionable race for the car in the official “Type 49B” livery driven by Stefano d’Aste, Matteo Deflorian, Nicolò Liana and Michael Cordini; the youngest was the blameless victim of a hard crash in the rear from a GT3 car that forced the red-white-gold Lotus to loose many hours in the garage to fix the car. Despite the incredible and excellent work done by PB Racing mechanics, the damage prejudiced the fight for the win despite the car’s performance being better compared to the opponents. Third step of the podium for the “Type 25” driven by Marco Fumagalli, Mauro Guastamacchia, Vito Utzieri, Maurizio Fortina and Mark Speakerwas.

Stefano d’Aste: “It was a crazy race, where the merit of the result goes mainly to the whole PB Racing staff and to Marco Calovolo, our chief engineer, for the incredible work done in the weekend and, above all, during the 24 Hours where we experienced no-stop emotions. We knew well that Dubai 24 Hours would not be easy as there were many GT3 cars at the start, but our goal was to fight with the TCR cars and as lap times we showed we could play and be there. Then the stop suffered by Michael during the fourth hour has taken away the opportunity to fight for the win. Liana, Cordini and Deflorian have done an exceptional weekend, like a pro driver despite the young age and the lack of experience; they were very good at listening to all the advice we gave them. Target reached also for the Type25 drivers, who aimed to finish the race and step up on the podium.

Marco Calovolo: “As Hexathron Racing Systems we have supported PB Racing for the second time in the Dubai 24 Hours, both on the technical and sporting side. In this edition we were faced with a double challenge, having two Lotus Elise Cup PB-R at the start with two very different crews, however with the goal, for everyone, to conquer the podium. The target has been reached, thanks to the extraordinary work of all despite a race not easy under many points of view. The car made a huge step forward in term of performance compared to two years ago, with lap times faster than about 4″, the result of the work carried out together with PB Racing and Stefano d’Aste in the last months. The car proved once again to be able to fight with TCR cars, as it was happening in the first part of the race before the crash that damaged our car. A special applause goes to the younger drivers, who have proved to be focused, meticulous and professional. But the most heartfelt recognition goes to all the mechanics who worked tirelessly throughout the weekend: to them the highest step of the podium!

From the media point of view, PB Racing was the most followed team during the Dubai 24 Hours on all social networks, with over 5 million views and contacts between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; moreover, Radio Le Mans and the spectators who followed the event through the 24H Series – Creventic streaming channels have elected PB Racing as the best team, awarding him the title of “Best Spirit of the Race” for the attitude and tenacity demonstrated throughout the weekend.

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