May 28, 2017

Victory for Stefano D’Aste in drenched Varano Rally


Hot on the heels of victories at Magione and Imola, Stefano D’Aste and co-driver, Miriam Marchetti, recorded another win this weekend in treacherously wet conditions in the Varano Rally Experience, (race two of the CSAI Rally) consisting five special stages on the Autodromo Riccardo Paletti.

Stefano D’Aste was delighted with the result:

I’m really very happy.  The conditions on Saturday were extremely difficult due to the waterlogged track.  We did a great job on set up and thanks to the fantastic adjustable traction control – exactly the same as the road version of the car – we also won the first two stages in pouring rain and near freezing temperatures.

The second day was sunny and I extended the gap over [Franco] Uzzeni in the Subaru WRC and [Oscar] Donetto in the Skodia Fabia WRC.  The Team worked like clockwork.  I’m also very happy with my team mate Simone Marchetti.  He is improving race by race and yesterday achieved the second fastest time overall in one stage and several thirds!!

The next race in the series is at Franciacorta on 16/17 February on mixed asphalt/soil stages.


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