Lotus Sport UK’s Sailesh Bolisetti and Phil Glew raced their Evora GT4 to class victory for the first time this year when the Avon Tyres British GT Championship descended on the Nürburgring’s Grand Prix circuit ahead of the weekend’s main event, the 24 Hours of Nürburgring.

The Lotus pair had disappointed in Race 1 on Friday, arriving fifth in class, but made up for it in Race 2. A huge crowd was present for the support race on Saturday. Glew made a strong start at made it through to the lead on Lap 2, passing Warren Hughes’s Ginetta G55 at Turn 1. He was still leading when he handed over to his Indian team-mate. Bolisetti pushed hard and kept ahead of those behind him, but Century’s Zoe Wenham was closing in and, by lap 23, was second in class.

With little over 10 minutes left on the clock, GT4 was Bolisetti’s to lose. He didn’t fail to deliver, and finished 27 seconds ahead of Wenham’s Ginetta G50.

Lotus Sport UK is now second in the British GT Championship, trailing Team WFR by just four points.

Phil Glew: “It was fun race. [Warren] Hughes was struggling for pace early on, but I pounced early and I had a great battle with [Alex] Osborne as he got through on Hughes with me. I used to race with Alex in Clios and we had a great battle. I eventually broke him, he was using his tyres hard, I’m not sure if that is what caused a mistake, but Hughes was still there, so it wasn’t easy, but I managed to pull away. It’s great having quality drivers in the GT4 championship, it makes the racing very enjoyable.”

Sailesh Bolisetti: “I thought it was going to be tough, Phil had his work cut out keeping the guys behind him, but I had about 45 seconds gap to the next guy and I managed to keep a good margin. Phil did a great job and I’m thrilled to win my first British GT race.”

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