Some of you may have read that we had a tutorial day with a professional automotive photographer a few weeks back in Dorking. The day was excellent and a lot was taken from the experience plus more kit now purchased as required, but we all took away a memory card with pictures of a quality hitherto unseen. Using the camera in ‘M’ was daunting at first but you understand why soon enough and with some tricks and tips from the pro we went from standard 3/4 front pictures taken from 5′ 7″ high to arty images with Dutch angles and focal points correct! One of my favourite pictures of the day was this one of the 2 Elise’s belonging to attendees Rache and Tara. The angle is great, the 2 colours compliment each other well and the shape of the front cars door leads to a double reflection of the rear car. I’d love to say I planned this, or even noticed it on the camera viewfinder but I didn’t, it was more luck than judgement! I’ll remember the effect for future pictures though! Enjoy!

To save the image for your desktop wallpaper, click the thumbnail below then once opened, right click and ‘save as’.

1920x1080 (Widecreen)

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