February 28, 2017

Picture of the Month – January 2012

To start 2012 here’s a great image of the Lotus 88B being driven up the hill by Dan Collins at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Not only did he drive it well, he drove the hill the quickest and won the Fastest Time of the Day shootout, well done Dan and all the team at Classic Team Lotus.

The Type 88 never raced in F1 due to it’s twin chassis design being outlawed before it even made it to the grid following practice, not the first time some of Colin Chapman’s innovations fell foul of the rule book. Chapman massaged the rules to extend his chances of a win however the rules were often massaged back at him to exclude Lotus from the race. The particular rule was that the FIA Regulations used the word ‘chassis’, the plural of which is ‘chassis’, so Chapman decided he was within the rules having more than 1!

You can find some excellent information about the car on the F1technical.net website

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If you’d like a picture considered for our POTM features, details and an upload gallery can be found here and you can view the full Picture of the Month archive here.

With thanks to www.ultimatecarpage.com for permission to use their image.

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