This months desktop wallpaper features the stunning 2010 Exige belonging to Lindsey Palmer. Her friends all call her ‘Pinkie’, you can see why!

This Exige is my 3rd Lotus, having previously owned a couple of Elise’s; a black S2 111R for about 2 years, and then my Candy Red SC with cream stripes, which I had for about 3.5 years. Unfortunately, due to a collision on the M4 last November in the SC, I suddenly found myself without a Lotus, and my life felt empty! As soon as I had brushed my self down from the crash, but with my broken foot still in plaster, I went straight over to Lotus Silverstone to see a 2010 Exige they had for sale… and it was a done deal!

The car was an ex-experience day car so was in the process of having everything replaced with brand new bits! On my request, they also fitted a TRD airbox, 2bular exhaust, sound deadening/carpets, an iPod lead, subwoofer, refurbished 2 tone Motorsport wheels, and even resprayed it gloss black. After the paint manufacturers recommended 3 week wait so the paint could fully dry, it was wrapped in Satin Matte Black with Pink Stripe detail by Signs & Graphics Uk Ltd.

I have since had a retractable 7″ DVD stereo fitted, with rear view camera and parking sensors. Possibly a bit of an indulgence but after the M4 accident, it was for peace of mind to be able to see around me clearly with the camera and screen, and helped me get my confidence back. And it worked! I have since got back in to doing track days and am loving this car with a new-found passion I was scared I’d lost after the demise of the SC. And once again I find myself never happier than when I’m behind the wheel! Oh, and for any Fast & Furious fans out there… be sure to look out for my car in the big night-time party scene in Fast 6, due out in March 2013! It’s her screen début… hopefully you won’t be able to miss her

The photo was taken by hugely talented automotive photographer Nick Williams. We’ve been fans of his work for a long time, the effort and imagination that go into his shots are beyond comparison and he’s a prolific car enthusiast attending hundreds of meets and taking amazing pictures. You can see more of his work and follow him on facebook | twitter | flickr. Some more of this set of Lindsey’s Exige can be found here.

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