TLF member Anthony Yule has recently taken delivery of his Lotus Evora GT430 and as with many of our other members who have received theirs, one of the first things to do it a trip to a detailer for some TLC. When you’re investing this much into a sports car, it makes sense to get the paintwork perfect and then protect it and a popular choice has been the XPEL self-healing Paint Protection Film (PPF).

In Anthony’s case, the car had been fitted with a temporary PPF by Lotus which was removed. The car with then thoroughly washed and decontaminated before a 2 stage paint correction process was carried out to remove sanding marks and scratches/buffer trails.

XPEL “Ultimate Plus” self healing PPF was then installed to the full front clam, vents, headlights, mirrors, A-pillars, bumper, carbon splitter, full doors, top engine cover, full rear wing, rear bumper impact areas and carbon fibre tunnels.

FEYNLAB Self Heal Lite was then applied to all the panels that didn’t receive PPF, this coating will heal against light scratches and swirl marks using hot water/sunlight/heatgun etc in the same way self healing PPF’s do. Feynlab Ceramic Lite was then used to top it off to add massive amounts of slickness and hydrophobic properties before everything was cured with infra red lamps.

The work was carried out by Clark of Polished Bliss Detailing Services in Inverurie. You can visit their website and facebook for more details about the company.

Evora GT430 Gallery – Click any image to enlarge and open gallery.

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